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Our hands-on, one-year master of engineering (M.Eng.) program focuses on engineering practice and design and prepares students for a professional career in engineering or other problem-solving positions, or for further graduate study. Graduates will be equipped to design biomedical devices and develop therapeutic strategies within the bounds of health care economics, the needs of patients and physicians, the medical device regulatory environment and the ethical standards of biomedical engineering practice. The BME M.Eng. design projects are in line with the two available pathways: Professional or Academic. See our School website for more detail. Visit our M.Eng. Projects page for examples of recent design projects.

"We're training a new generation of innovators that are not married to technology-driven innovation . . . They need to be concerned about value-based innovation, so they define a problem and then look for technologies that meet that need."

-Newton de Faria, Professor of Practice, M.Eng. Program Director

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Student Spotlights
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